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Training to love

It's rather obvious from nature that things are not equally beautiful. Compare, for instance, the paving slab mentioned in the previous post, to a flower. Or yet again compare that flower to a carefully arranged bouquet or, again, the bouquet to a well cultivated botanical garden. It's not that the single flower, plucked fresh from the bush, is not beautiful in an of itself; of course, it can and should be admired for those qualities it possesses. Yet to add the imagination, the creativity, and the skill, as well as the greater quantity and variation of flowers into producing an elegant bouquet, reveals beauty greater still, both in quantity and quality. A botanical garden is even more glorious in proportion, displaying an even greater wealth of variety; each component combined to complement another for the sake of being pleasing to the senses. Beauty appears to us in increments, in order that we might experience it in differing amounts and qualities. The purpose of beauty