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Simpsons Theology: #1 Pulpit Friction

I've seen every Simpsons episode there is. I've seen most of them more than twice! I just think it's wonderful. It's full of dry wit, droll humour, memorable characters, hilarious catchphrases, ridiculous storylines, and some of the best social commentary you're ever going to come across; including some rather poignant theological insights - some surprisingly agreeable. So, why not start a Simpsons theology theme on the blog? Well, here we go then! The Simpsons Season 24, 2013 Episode 18: Pulpit Friction This idea might seem odd at first. The Simpsons isn't known for its fondness of religion and regularly pokes fun at American Christianity as a confused body of illiberal, moralistic hypocrisy that only uses the Bible for the purposes of opposing things like evolution and planned parenthood. That doesn't mean that the writers don't get it right every so often and in one of my particular favourite episodes, I believe there is a really rathe