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No such thing as secondary!

When it comes to the Bible, is there actually such thing as secondary issues? I don't think so. Rick Warren has recently said that we need to stop 'bickering' over secondary issues (in context he means ordaining women as pastors - something he has done recently - amongst other things). I don't like this phrase. I don't like it because I don't like the attitude towards God's word that it permits in people - even the most well-meaning of whom have hearts that are deceitful and wicked! Let's take the ordination of women issue for instance. Why would this be called a 'secondary issue'? Well, being a 'secondary issue' having knowledge of or an opinion about it does not affect one's ability to trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and thus be saved. Indeed, you can even be wrong about this particular issue in practise and still be saved. Yes, if you genuinely, sincerely, with all conviction and true devotion to Christ and submission to