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Beauty and Christian Conversion

True Christianity I've recently started reading a series of books introducing the life and works of the eminent theologian, Jonathan Edwards. The series is written by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney who are both worth looking up. The books are a combination of cultural critique, quoted Edwardsian texts, and commentary on those texts. Tiny little books. Well worth breezing through. Succinct, enjoyable yet powerful and necessary.  There are six books in total, working through key themes that Edwards engaged with through his preaching and writing. The first book I've read, entitled True Christianity, seeks to show how Edwards tackled the problem of nominal Christianity within the church and to explain precisely what is the difference between true and false faith by giving an Edwardsian definition of just what true Christianity really is. In summary, the crux of the matter for Edwards, seems to be rooted in one's conversion experience. And without negating the importance of inte