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Are you really free, and do you really want to be? Pt 1.

We live in a society that values freedom immensely. Perhaps even above all else. Having recently commemorated another anniversary of armistice day on the 11th November, we are reminded that freedom is one of the very few things people will actually be willing to die for. So precious is our freedom to us, that we go to great lengths each year to remind ourselves not to take it for granted and to remember those who gave up theirs, for ours. And it's true, isn't it? To be free is a symbol of human dignity, of value and worth. Freedom is integral to how we perceive our identities, and to know we are free is an essential component of being confident in our self worth. The freedom I'm talking about is, of course, the freedom to choose and to determine, to a large extent, our own destinies. Think back to your school history lessons when you learned about the slave trade. It's seen as one of the greatest injustices in recorded history, that one man would enslave another,