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Tasting the love

I mentioned in an earlier post how knowing the reason behind something's existence can influence our experience of it. I use the example of my wife cooking a meal. I said that the knowledge that she has gone out of her way to cook me a meal I am particularly fond of, enhances the aesthetic experience of eating said meal. I called this tasting the love. There are two elements of beauty at work. The aesthetic beauty of the food which interacts with the taste buds on my tongue that my brain interprets as pleasurable sensation in my mouth is one element. The knowledge that the food exists because another person has counted me as valuable enough to warrant such an undertaking as cooking it, is the morally beautiful experience. And one certainly informs the other. A good meal will always taste good, and knowing my wife loves and values me will always feel great, but the opportunity to experience the meal because of the love is an experience beyond either individually. And the two t